"Givin’ me advice on gettin’ kelpies out of a well"

The Celts believed that kelpies haunted their rivers. These supernatural water horses have the body of a horse but the feet and skin of a seal. They live in lochs and try to lure people into traps by becoming real-life horses. A kelpie's mane is always wet. A common tale claims that once a kelpie gets hold of a human being his skin becomes sticky and adheres to the person, allowing the kelpie to drown him in the loch and eat him.

Reconstruction of Ogopogo Sighting
GNU Free Documentation LicenseReconstruction of Ogopogo Sighting - Credit: Phillip O'Donnell
Some people believe that these creatures really exist. The Loch Ness monster is thought to be a water horse, and other ‘kelpies’ include Ogopogo, found in the Canadian lake Okanagan and Champ, found in Lake Champlain.

Water horse sightings were supposedly more common in the 1700s and 1800s. No one has ever captured one of these ‘creatures’.