"Nearly Headless Nick, the ghost of Gryffindor Tower"

A ghost is the spirit of a dead being that still haunts a particular person or place. Every culture in the world has its own ghost stories and beliefs. Reports of spiritual activities have been recorded since the beginning of times.

White Ladies, Haunted Houses, Phantoms, Ghost Ships: the legends have been the subject of thousands of books and film plots. Are they just angry spirits, threatened in some way, looking for vengeance? And how come did they stay attached to this Earth and did not ‘pass over’ like others do?

Apparently there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. According to Professor Michael Persinger, changes in electromagnetic fields can cause the human brain to see, hear and feel things that aren’t there.

Reality shows like Most Haunted have helped to increase interest in paranormal investigation, and recently there has been a boom in the ghost-hunting businesses. Some companies sell equipment like EMF meters; others organise ghost tours. There are even several businesses offering ghost counselling. Do ghosts really exist or are they just a way in which our mind explains death and the mysteries surrounding it?