"it would take Dark Magic of the most advanced"

Much powerful magic comes from the Celts, a brilliant culture feared by many. Living around 700 BC, the Celts were spiritual people who looked to Druids for guidance in their everyday life. The Druids were healers, teachers, judges, bards and astrologers; above all they were priests, who believed that the Divine Creator existed in every aspect of nature. The word Druid means 'knowing the oak tree', and this tree was held sacred by the Celts.

When the Romans invaded and occupied Celtic land, they described the Druids as Paganists, meaning 'country dwellers'. With the advent of Christianity, the word pagan was attributed to those cultures who worshipped other Gods. The Druids' practice of natural healing, often through spells, ointments and concoctions, conflicted with Christian belief. These customs were soon labelled as 'witchcraft', and later witchcraft became associated with 'demon-worship'.

Magic can have various outcomes, depending on the type of magic used and the intentions of the practitioner. Black Magic, or Dark Magic, is performed by invoking evil powers, normally for personal gain or to harm others. White Magic is done to help or protect a person and does not injure others.