"A gleaming silver sword had appeared inside the Hat"

Sacred or magical swords are found in many myths and legends.  Some of the most famous are: King Arthur's Excalibur; Sigurd's Gram, used to slay the dragon Fafnir (Siegfried's Nothung in Wagner's Ring); Kusanagi, which in Japanese legend could control the wind; Attila the Hun’s sword (said to be the sword of Mars, God of War); Marc Antony's Philippan, given to him by Cleopatra and lost when he was defeated by Octavian; the Vietnamese Thuận Thiên (Heaven's Will), which gave its bearer extraordinary height and strength; and Beowulf’s Naegling, also used to fight a dragon.

Other important swords include that of King George IV, presented to Britain’s Sovereign during the Coronation ceremony, and the Zulfiqar, a sword used by the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.