"A long decaying building on the summit was half buried in the high grass"
Force Publique at Stanleyville (c. 1905)
Public DomainForce Publique at Stanleyville (c. 1905) - Credit: Marcus R. P. Dorman

Kurtz's station is loosely based on Stanley Falls, founded in 1883 by Stanley as the Congo Free State's first trading post in the area. After subsequent Belgian colonisation of the area, it grew into the settlement of Stanleyville (present day Kisangani), which remains the major centre of the northern Congo.

In contrast to the fictional station, Stanley Falls was already a permanent settlement by 1890, with offices, warehouses, workers’ quarters, vegetable plantations, a jail and a hospital.




Stanleyville (1900)
Public DomainStanleyville (1900) - Credit: René Vauthier

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