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Page 17. " They had sailed from Deptford, from Greenwich, from Erith "
Public Domain The "Royal George" at Deptford Showing the Launch of "The Cambridge" (1757) - Credit: John Cleveley the Elder

Deptford, Greenwich and Erith were important docks on the River Thames.

Deptford is located on the south bank of the Thames, on the eastern edge of London. Greenwich is immediately east of Deptford. Erith is eight miles further east. All three docks were established by Henry VIII, but Deptford  – site of the first Royal Dockyard – was undoubtedly of greatest importance: for much of the period during which Britain ruled the waves, her ships were built there.






H.M.S. Warspale off Greenwich (1881)
Public Domain H.M.S. Warspale off Greenwich (1881) - Credit: Claude Thomas Stanfield Moore
The Banks of the Thames at Erith (c. 1866)
Public Domain The Banks of the Thames at Erith (c. 1866) - Credit: Charles-Francois Daubigny