"the little village of Dörfli, half way up the mountain"
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHeidihaus - Credit: Roland Zumbühl of Picswiss

The village of Dörfli is a fictional creation.  Johanna Spyri was probably thinking of one of the small hamlets on the mountainside above Maienfeld. One such hamlet is Ober-Rofels, which is now known as Heididorf (Heidi's village).

At Heididorf, one of the old houses has been made into a museum called Heidihaus (Heidi's house). Visitors can see models of some of the characters from the book. They are also offered some idea of what it would have been like to live in a Swiss alpine home over one hundred years ago. The whole of the area associated with Heidi has been given the name Heidiland.

It has also been suggested that Johanna Spyri may have based Dörfli on a village called Jenins which she visited as a child.



Jenins in 2008
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJenins in 2008 - Credit: Adrian Mitchell