"And those strong clasp-knives which made short work of cutting hazel twigs"
Clasp knives (pre 1904)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeClasp-knives (pre 1904) - Credit: Tropenmuseum of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)


Swiss Army knife
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSwiss Army knife - Credit: Stan Dalone
Swiss Army knife
Creative Commons AttributionSwiss Army knife - Credit: Emilian Robert Vicol

A clasp-knife (sometimes known as a penknife, pocket-knife or jack-knife) is a knife whose blade folds into its handle. Sometimes, clasp-knives will have more than one blade.

One of the most elaborate and well-known clasp-knives is the Swiss Army knife, which was manufactured for the first time in 1891.

The Swiss Army knife has one or two blades, and various other attachments, which include a toothpick and a corkscrew.