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Maienfeld, Graubünden

Heidi is set mainly in the eastern part of the Swiss Alps, near the small town of Maienfeld in the canton of Graubünden.

There are also references in the story to other real places in Graubünden, including the Domleschg Valley and the Prättigau Valley. Two other places, Bad Ragaz and Pfäfers, which are not far from Maienfeld, are also mentioned. These are in the neighbouring canton of St. Gallen.

Graubünden, also known as Grisons, is the largest canton in Switzerland. Graubünden shares borders with Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. It is the only canton in Switzerland where Romansch is spoken as a community language.

Dörfli, the nearest village to Heidi's grandfather's home is fictional. However a hamlet not far from Maienfeld, called Ober-Rofels, has been re-named Heididorf, and is now the site of a museum known as Heidihaus (Heidi's house). It has also been suggested that the village of Jenins, which Johanna Spyri visited as a child, might be the model for Dörfli.


Bad Ragaz, St. Gallen (c.1890-1900)
Public DomainBad Ragaz, St. Gallen (c.1890-1900) - Credit: Detroit Publishing Company