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Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt am Main - with cathedral on right (c.1890-1900)
Public DomainFrankfurt am Main - with cathedral on right (c.1890-1900) - Credit: Detroit Publishing Company

When Heidi is 8 years old, she travels to Frankfurt in Germany to be a companion to the invalid Clara Sesemann.

Frankfurt am Main is Germany's fifth largest city. In 1910, its population was about 414,000. Today, it is approximately 704,000.

Famous landmarks include St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, the Archaeological Garden and the City Hall (the Römer) which was partially destroyed in World War II.











Frankfurt City Hall (the Römer) (c.1890-1900)
Public DomainFrankfurt City Hall (the Römer) (c.1890-1900) - Credit: Detroit Publishing Company