"This isn’t a Girl Scout Camp"
Girl Scout in uniform, 1973
Public DomainGirl Scout in uniform, 1973 - Credit: Father of JGKlein / Wikimedia Commons

 Girl Scouts (or Girl Guides) is a youth organisation for young girls, usually between the ages of 10 and 14. The Scouting movement began in Britain but is now found worldwide, with different categories and organisations for boys and girls and for different ages. Scouting groups are meant to be developmental, providing physical activities, new skills, instruments, sports, trekking and camping, and encouraging charity work. Scout groups from different areas might meet up at special camps, which are meant to be fun as well as character-building.

Girl Scout working on her Gold Award Project
Public DomainGirl Scout working on her Gold Award Project - Credit: Darthgriz98 / Wikimedia Commons

Stanley’s camp will be nothing like a Scout camp, in which friendship and bonding is encouraged, activities are fun, and the adults take good care of the campers. Mr. Sir has probably referenced the Girl Scouts due to the perception that they are somehow ‘wimpier’ than the Boy Scouts. In fact there is usually little difference between the activities undertaken by the two organisations.