"Clyde “Sweet Feet” Livingston was a famous baseball player. He’d led the American League in stolen bases over the last three years. He was also the only player in history to ever hit four triples in one game"
Baseball (Wrigley Field, Chicago)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBaseball (Wrigley Field, Chicago) - Credit: Rdikeman / Wikimedia Commons

 Baseball is a sport played on a field with two teams of nine players. One team takes positions on the field, with a pitcher who throws the ball, and the other team bats. The aim is to hit the ball and run to as many bases (first, second, third, home) as possible before the opposing team retrieves the ball and tags a base to stop the baserunner. If the ball is caught without touching the ground, the batter is out. If a base is tagged while the batter is running to it, and they don’t make it back to the previous base in time (or there is another batter at that base), then they are out. The teams switch places when the fielders have managed to get three batters out.


A stolen base is scored when a baserunner makes a dash for the next base while the pitcher is throwing the ball to the next batter, before the batter hits it. If the defence makes no attempt to get the baserunner out, then it is not scored as a stolen base.


Ty Cobb safe at third after making a triple, 1924
Public DomainTy Cobb safe at third after making a triple, 1924 - Credit: National Photo Company / Wikimedia Commons

Hitting four triples in one game means that Clyde hit the ball and successfully made it to third base, four times in one game. Hitting a triple is quite a rare occurrence in baseball, as it requires the batter to reach third base without a fielder’s misplay (a fumbled throw or a dropped ball, for example, that allows the baserunner the chance to advance a base) or fielder’s choice (when the baserunner advances a base because the defence were occupied trying to put out a different baserunner). It is therefore very exciting when it happens.


The American League is one of the two leagues that constitute Major League Baseball in the United States and Canada.




A video of a baserunner stealing a base: