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Camp Green Lake

Camp Green Lake is a correctional camp for juvenile offenders. Young boys who have been convicted of a crime might be given the option to serve a reduced sentence at Camp Green Lake instead of at juvenile prison. Camp Green Lake is situated on a dry lake bed in Texas. It is very hot, with virtually no shade, and only a few grey tents where the boys sleep and eat. There is no fence to stop the boys running away from the camp, but with nothing but desert for miles around a runaway would die before he could reach civilisation. There is a cabin next to the only trees on the lake – two oaks – where the Warden lives; it is the only place with air-conditioning.


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The dry lake would probably look something like this:


Dry Lake
GNU Free Documentation LicenseDry Lake - Credit: Ikluft / Wikimedia Commons
















The 2003 movie Holes was filmed at Cuddeback Lake in the Mojave Desert:



Yellow Spotted Tropical Night Lizard
Public DomainYellow Spotted Tropical Night Lizard - Credit: United States Dept. of the Interior / Wikimedia Commons

Little wildlife can survive on the dry lake; those animals that have made a home there are very dangerous and need to be avoided, such as rattlesnakes and tarantulas. Most dangerous of all is the lethal yellow-spotted lizard, a creature whose bite is so poisonous that there is no chance of applying anti-venom in time. These lizards tend to live under rocks and come out at night, not liking direct sunlight. They are extremely aggressive, very quick, and can leap long distances. Everyone at Camp Green Lake is terrified of these lizards.


Boot camps are styled on military training camps
Public DomainBoot camps are styled on military training camps - Credit: US Federal Gov. on Wikimedia Commons

Correctional camps like this are found in a number of US states, and are modelled on military training camps. They are intended to teach children discipline and respect, with a programme of intense physical training that serves both as a punishment and as a character-building activity. This is highly controversial, with many claiming that the camps only reinforce negative feelings and behaviour, and that the methods used at such camps are abusive.