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Green Lake


Green Lake was once a beautiful area
Public DomainGreen Lake was once a beautiful area - Credit: tpsdave on Pixabay
















Peach tree
Public DomainPeach tree - Credit: Hans on Pixabay

In the 19th century, over a hundred years before Stanley comes to Camp Green Lake, there was a beautiful and flourishing town at Green Lake. The lake was full of water and fish, and the surrounding land was green and fertile. There were peach trees along the shore that the locals used to make peach jam and peach pies. On the other side of the lake Sam grew onions; he would row across the lake to sell them to the town.


One-room schoolhouse
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeOne-room schoolhouse - Credit: BMRR / Wikimedia Commons

Green Lake was a small town, with a one-room schoolhouse run by Katherine Barlow. Being a small town, the people in it all knew each other and tended to be rather nosy. It was also quite a small-minded town, with prejudice and racism lying under the pretty surface. When the townspeople killed Sam, an African American, for kissing a white woman, the town began to die. No more rain ever fell on the lake or the surrounding land. The lake dried up and so did the land, and the town grew poorer and poorer until it was abandoned. Now there is only dry ground and a camp for juvenile offenders at Green Lake. Only occasional objects unearthed by the boys, such as the fish fossil and Kate’s lipstick, reveal the history of the site.