Page 164. " But the motion for Augustus's deification was carried "
Creative Commons Attribution"Prima Porta" statue of Augustus, Vatican Museum - Credit: Till Niermann

Tiberius has proposed Augustus's deification. The Cult of Augustus thus established became the cornerstone of Roman state ritual and remained so for more than a century.

The so-called "Prima Porta" statue, which was probably owned by Livia, shows him in the armour of an Imperator (Field Marshal). But the cupid tugging at the hem of his tunic suggests his divine status and recalls the claim of his adoptive father, Julius Caesar, to be descended from Venus.

The Mausoleum of Augustus became the burial place for the ashes of most subsequent Emperors, including Claudius.


Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome
Creative Commons AttributionMausoleum of Augustus, Rome - Credit: ryarwood