Page 309. " Sejanus was waiting, at the head of a battalion of Guards "

The precise circumstances of Sejanus's fall from power are unclear, because the relevant section of Tacitus's Annals has been lost. Here Graves, characteristically, fills in the gaps.

Page 323. " This was the signal for an outburst of popular anger against Tiberius "

Suetonius tells us, in The Twelve Caesars, that following the death of Tiberius the people of Rome were so delighted that they congregated in the streets, calling for his corpse to be thrown into the Tiber. An attempt was made to capture his body, but it was cremated in Rome and the ashes placed in the Mausoleum of Augustus.

Page 325. " Caligula was twenty-five years old when he became Emperor "

Caligula, Ny Carlsberg Glypotek
GNU Free Documentation LicenseCaligula, Ny Carlsberg Glypotek - Credit: Louis Le Grand
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (12-41 AD), better known as Caligula, was the son of Germanicus, the nephew and adopted son of Tiberius. Suetonius, in The Twelve Caesars, tells us that when Caligula arrived in Rome following Tiberius's death, he was seen as "the answer to the prayer of the Roman people," and that he was met by "thronging crowds of people rejoicing greatly."