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Public Domain"Messalina" by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1900-1901 - Credit: Jan Sedlak
Valeria Messalina (c.20-48 AD) was the second cousin of Caligula. She became Claudius's third wife in 37 or 38 AD. She is a more significant character in Claudius the God.

Messalina went on to bear Claudius two children, but she was later executed for her infidelities and alleged involvement in plots against him.


Messalina with her son, Britannicus, The Louvre
Public DomainMessalina with her son, Britannicus, The Louvre - Credit: mistersunshine

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A Roman Emperor Claudius
Public DomainA Roman Emperor Claudius - Credit: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Proclaiming Claudius Emperor
Public DomainProclaiming Claudius Emperor - Credit: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

The story of how Claudius, in the aftermath of Caligula's assassination, hid behind a curtain and was discovered there by soldiers who hailed him as the new Emperor, is adapted by Graves from Suetonius's account in The Twelve Caesars.