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The city of Rome was founded, according to myth, in 753 BC. By the middle of the 2nd Century BC, it was the dominant power in the Mediterranean world; by the beginning of the 1st Century AD, its empire covered much of Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.


The Forum Romanum
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe Forum Romanum - Credit: Carla Tavares


Among the tourist sites in modern Rome are the ruins of the Forum Romanum, the ceremonial heart of the city in the Julio-Claudian Age, and the Palatine, where the palaces of the Emperors were located. The forum includes the remains of many of the buildings that would have been familiar to Claudius, including the Temples of Vesta, Julius Caesar and Saturn, and the Curia Julia, one of several senate houses in Imperial Rome. Some of these are mentioned explicitly in the text of I, Claudius, and featured in the bookmarks. The Palatine ruins include the Domus Augusti, recently reopened following refurbishment, where Claudius lived during much of his life.