"This was during the consulship of Servilius Vatia and Claudius Pulcher"

A Consul accompanied by two Lictors (bodyguards)
GNU Free Documentation LicenseA Consul accompanied by two Lictors (bodyguards) - Credit: Ingsoc/Wikimedia Commons
The Roman consuls were the elected leaders of the Republic. They held the power to run the state, enforce the law and make decisions, but were expected to consult and take advice from the senate in the process. The consulship was an annual magistracy, held by two men each year. Those who had served as consul were not allowed to run for the consulship again until at least ten years had passed. This restriction was designed to stop any one man from holding too much power and influence in Rome. The consulship was one of the highest and most respected positions a man could earn in the Republic, and often viewed as the pinnacle of a politician’s career.