"I had Myron’s The Discus Thrower and The Spear Bearer by Polycleitus."

The Doryphoros, cast made of a Roman marble copy
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Doryphoros, cast made of a Roman marble copy - Credit: Shakko/Wikimedia Commons

Myron’s Discobolus (The Discus Thrower) and PolycleitusDoryphoros (The Spear Bearer) were the highly treasured statues of two very famous Greek sculptors of the Greek Classical Period. They were admired by Romans for their idealised beauty and attention to composition and form, and held up as great masterpieces of classical art. The Romans, since the conquest of the Hellenic East, had fallen in love with Greek art, brining back pieces as treasure for their villas and houses.

Unfortunately, neither the Discus Thrower nor the Spear Bearer remain to us, and we have only various Roman copies with which to study and admire them.

The Discobolus, Roman copy
Public DomainThe Discobolus, Roman copy - Credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons