"was putting down Spartacus’ slave revolt with great severity."
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSpartacus - Credit: Maksim/Wikimedia Commons

 Spartacus was a leader in the great slave revolt (known as the Third Servile War) of 73 BC. Spartacus was a slave himself, one of a number of gladiators at the gladiatorial school in Capua who managed to escape, arm themselves, and create a base on Mount Vesuvius. Hoping to win fame and glory, Crassus offered to take on the task of defeating the slaves and bringing them to justice. The story of Spartacus has captured the imagination of many artists and storytellers, and is the subject of a famous film from 1960 starring Kirk Douglas.

Map showing Crassus' campaign against Spartacus
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMap showing Crassus' campaign against Spartacus - Credit: Antoine kerfant/Wikimedia Commons