"at this great political crisis, there has been offered to you, not through man’s wisdom but almost as the direct gift of heaven, the very thing you most need"
Cicero Addresses the Senate
Public DomainCicero Addresses the Senate - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Many of the words uttered by Cicero in his various speeches throughout the book are actually taken from the real speeches of Cicero. These real speeches can offer a fascinating (and very wordy – Cicero certainly enjoyed talking!) accompaniment to the world and characters of Imperium. For example, here is how the real Cicero opened this speech:

“at this grave crisis in the history of our country, you have been offered a particularly desirable gift, a gift almost too opportune to be of human origin: it almost seems heaven-sent. For you have been given a unique chance to make your Senatorial Order less unpopular, and to set right the damaged reputation of these courts.”

(Cicero, Against Verres 1, trans. Michael Grant (1971) Cicero: Selected Works. Penguin Classics)

Some of Cicero’s orations can be found online, including his prosecution speech against Verres. Read it here.