"or wished to have their premises put on to the water supply"
Roman Aqueduct Near Tunis
GNU Free Documentation LicenseRoman Aqueduct Near Tunis - Credit: Mathiasrex/Wikimedia Commons

The ancient Romans brought water to their cities via aqueducts, great feats of engineering powered only by gravity – the gradient of an aqueduct’s steady descent had to be calculated just right or the water would overflow or stagnate. These aqueducts supplied the public baths and fountains in the city. Private houses and businesses could also pay to be put on to the water supply.


Aqueduct Water Channel
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAqueduct Water Channel - Credit: Vmenkov/Wikimedia Commons
Aqueduct Arches, Segovia
Public DomainAqueduct Arches, Segovia - Credit: Bluedog423/Wikimedia Commons