"When I was twenty-three I raised a force of fifteen thousand, defeated the combined rebel armies of Brutus, Caelius and Carrinas…"

A recap of Pompey’s career to this date:

Roman Statue of Pompey the Great
Public DomainRoman Statue of Pompey the Great - Credit: GuidoB/Wikimedia Commons
* Loyal to the aristocratic, anti-popularist leader Sulla. Raised Picenean troops to support him.

* Sent by Sulla (now dictator) to pursue the last Marian supporters who fled Rome.

* Africa – fought the Marian rebels and the Numidian king. Was hailed imperator by his men.

* Sulla gave him the title ‘the Great’ but refused him a triumph, as he had as yet held no magistracies. Pompey refused to disband his legions and waited at the gates of Rome. Sulla gave in and Pompey got his triumph.

* Given proconsular imperium to deal with rebels in Spain, and was successful.

* Senate recalled him after his victory to help crush the slave revolt. Pompey came in at the last minute and stole Crassus’ glory.

* Granted another triumph, this time for Spain. Again, it was not strictly legal.

* Held consulship with Crassus.