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Grain Field
Creative Commons AttributionGrain Field - Credit: LHOON at Flickr
Roman Amphitheatre at Syracuse
GNU Free Documentation LicenseRoman Amphitheatre at Syracuse - Credit: Urban/Wikimedia Commons

As one of the main sources of grain for Rome (the others being North Africa and Egypt), Sicily was an important Roman province. Sicily supported both Phoenician and ancient Greek colonies, with Greek cities established on the east side of the island, Phoenician cities on the west, and the original inhabitants such as the Sicani pushed into the centre of the island. Gradually the original tribes were absorbed into the colonised settlements. Sicily by Cicero’s time was a fairly diverse place, with Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans, as well as their various cults, temples and gods, all mingling together.


Map of Roman Sicily
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumMap of Roman Sicily - Credit: John Eckert
Temple of Juno, Sicily
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTemple of Juno, Sicily - Credit: Poudou99/Wikimedia Commons