"a court in exile"
The Kingdom of Araucania
GNU Free Documentation LicenseThe Kingdom of Araucania - Credit: Marcelo Véliz

The peculiar story of the Kingdom of Araucania unfolds throughout sections 7 and 8 of In Patagonia. There is a more sober history here, including the election of shadowy French lawyer Orélie-Antoine de Tounens as king by Lonkos Kilapan (Chatwin's Quilapán), his kidnap by Chilean soldiers, exile to France, and attempts to drum up International support. Tounens had unsuccessfully petitioned the French Senate in 1867 (the original documents are here), but according to the Mapuche Nation the Prince Philippe that Chatwin meets in Paris is now doing important Public Relations work, including advising the United Nations of the Araucanians fight for self-determination.