"on the starboard quarter"
An 1870s ship
Public DomainAn English ship from the 1870s

Charley Milward's story employs a bewildering array of nautical terms:

backstay: rigging running from the mast to stern (back) of a ship

broached to: when a ship loses control and is forced to make a sudden turn

gear: rigging

halyards: rope used for hoisting sails

helm: the wheel

hove to: a ship that has been halted by the wind

keel: the central structure of the hull

lee side: side of the ship sheltered from the wind

mizzen: the third mast

port: left-hand side of the ship, facing forwards

squaresail: a four-sided sail used to drive a ship downwind

starboard: the right-side of the ship, facing forwards

staysail: triangular sail secured to the bow (front) of the ship

tackles: ropes

top-gallant: the mast above the topsails