"to see the tombs at Dreux, or or to Compiègne"
The Royal Chapel, Dreux
Public DomainThe Royal Chapel, Dreux

Dreux, a town in North-West France, is overlooked by the ruins of a medieval castle. The nineteenth century royal chapel in its grounds contains the tombs of the Orleans family, including Louis-Phillipe, the last king of France. The tombs, completed by Louis-Phillipe at great expense, are considered to be masterpieces.

Nearby Compiègne also has a castle and a 14km² forest, which is now famous as the site of the 1914 and 1940 Armistices.

The magnificent 14th century Chateau de Pierrefonds is also close by. It is currently used as the location for Camelot in the BBC series Merlin.

Chateau de Pierrefonds
Public DomainChateau de Pierrefonds