"a rather well-known Titian oil"
Venus of Urbino, 1538
Public DomainVenus of Urbino, 1538 - Credit: Titian

Tiziano 'Titian' Vicelli was a 16th century Italian painter and an influential figure in the High Renaissance movement. His most notable works included The Assumption of the Virgin, the Pesaro Altarpiece and Venus of Urbino.

Gordon Brown
Public DomainGordon Brown - Credit: IMF
David Cameron
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDavid Cameron - Credit: World Economic Forum

In February 2009, he was the subject of an argument between British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Leader of the Opposition David Cameron. Brown had previously referred to Titian as having died aged 90, which Cameron later ridiculed in order to highlight the PM's general factual inaccuracy. However, the precise date of Titian's birth remains uncertain. A worker from Conservative Party HQ was disciplined after they edited the artist's Wikipedia page in order to substantiate Cameron's claims.