Page 53. " Post-latency and puberty and angst and impending adulthood, etc. "
Sigmund Freud
Public DomainSigmund Freud

Post-latency: this refers to the fourth stage of Sigmund Freud's model of psychosexual development, succeeding the oral, anal and phallic stages, and preceding the genital stage. Freud described this stage as being one of stability, serving as a transition between stages, where sexual feelings lay dormant during childhood.

This, along with the other factors listed, is cited as a reason for the use of recreational drugs in U.S. Secondary schools.

Page 58. " there are some antique pre-British takeover Quebecois gold coins "

Flag of Quebec
Public DomainFlag of Quebec - Credit: DarkEvil
The Canadian city of Quebec was taken over by the British on September 8, 1760. One of the novel's themes is that of Quebec Separatism, which refers to the political movement to achieve statehood for the Canadian province. Separatists campaign for Quebec to become a country of its own, independent from Canada.


Page 65. " ARPA-NET electronic mail "

ARPA-NET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was the world's first packet-switching network, the forerunner of the contemporary Internet. It was created by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States Department of Defense.