Page 797. " the probable etymological career of the word Anonymous, all the way he supposed from the Æolic oviya "

Æolic language refers to a set of Greek sub-dialects spoken between 800 and 300 BC, and is most commonly known for being the language of the writings of Sappho and Alcaeus of Mytilene.

Page 798. " a framed print of Picasso's 'Seated Harlequin' "
Public DomainPicasso

The Seated Harlequin be seen here.

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was influential in founding the avant-garde Cubism movement. He painted the Seated Harlequin in 1923, after assuming a neoclassical style in the wake of the first World War. During his Rose Period (1904 to 1906), the harlequin became a recurring motif in his work.