"so what were you reading before you went to sleep?"

Inkheart is full of references to the many books that Meggie and Mo have lying around their house, most of which are classics which have been read over generations.

If you're not lucky enough to live in a house as full of books as Meggie and Mo, there are a few methods you can use to get access to some of these stories without forking out any money: you could join your local library, borrow books off your friends or even start a book swap in your school (or workplace, for the older young adults among you). But did you know that you can also find some older books online? Anything published in the UK becomes "public domain" 70 years after the author dies, meaning that anyone can publish it on the internet without breaking the law.

One of the best websites for downloading classics is Project Gutenberg, the oldest and most reputable online library. However, if you're under 16, MAKE SURE you ask your parents before downloading anything from this site or any other.

If you've got permission, you can start finding some of Meggie and Mo's favourite books here.