"a bookmark of blackbird's feathers"

We're now almost at the end of Chapter 2. If you fancy a break doing something creative after this chapter is done, how about making your own bookmark? Sure, you're probably far too old to be doing this sort of thing, but who says you can't take some time off being old occasionally to do something unashamedly childish? Plus, if you're one of those people who folds the corners of pages to keep your place, your books will definitely thank you if you make and use a bookmark instead.

A very simple tutorial on making your own bookmark out of an old picture can be foundĀ here

Or, if you've got feathers and ice lollies to hand, here's a great idea for making a bird (you don't actually have to give it to your Dad at the end).

Of course, if you've got no materials at all, there's always this simple but amusing online bookmark creator from National Geographic.