" 'Liguria,' she said. 'Aha.' "

Lago di Como
Creative Commons AttributionLago di Como - Credit: Antonis Lamnatos
Liguria is a small coastal region in the north of Italy, and bears the distinction of being almost the only non-fictional place named in Inkheart. You can read more about it on its Wikipedia page.

For those interested in linking the other places in Inkheart to specific world geography, the 2008 movie Inkheart used North Italy's Lago di Como as Elinor's home; the nationality of the author and the length of time it takes Meggie and Mo to drive to Elinor's house suggests that they live somewhere in southern Germany, although where exactly is left extremely ambiguous. In fact, there's no mention of nationality anywhere in the English text of Inkheart, despite its international setting, and none of the characters ever encounter language barriers with people from other countries or worlds- perhaps this is a parallel universe where everybody in Europe automatically speaks the same language?