"A tune kept going through his head, and he couldn't get it out of his mind."

"The Borribles go for Broke" is the second in a trilogy of books by Michael de Larrabeiti, all about a group of children living on the streets of London. These children are runaways who have been "Borribled"- they have stoppedĀ ageingĀ and their ears have become pointy- and they are shown as living adventurous and colourful if rather dangerous lives in contrast to the boring adult world around them.

Besides being brilliant stories, the Borrible books were rather famous for the amount of swearing and violence they contained, which was considered unsuitable for children's books. For this reason, they went out of print for some time and became almost completely unavailable. They've been back on UK shelves since 2002, however, so if you want to read them you can get a copy from any good bookshop or from online sellers like Amazon.