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Mowgli Jungle book Y
Public DomainMowgli Jungle book Y
The Jungle Book was originally a book by author Rudyard Kipling, but you probably know it better from the Disney adaptation in 1964. In fact, almost every Disney classic is based on an older book or fairy tale, with the Lion King being the first story they claimed was completely original (although even this is debateable!) Sometimes the adaptations are very similar to the orginals, with stories like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Cinderella only undergoing minor changes. However, others have had a lot of changes made, mostly to make these often dark and gruesome fairy tales into pleasant, happy animated movies that Disney thought would be more suitable for modern children.

There is a near-comprehensive list of links to original Disney fairy talesĀ here, and the original text of the Jungle Book (or, more accurately, Jungle Books) can be found onProject Gutenberg.