Page 76. " Meggie thought she saw a hinged flap, well hidden "

Not many people have libraries with secret compartments for hiding books in, but if you've got things you want to hide in your bookshelves then how about making a hollow book instead? Just make sure not to cut up any good stories or valuable texts- I personally recommend old school textbooks for this sort of treatment.

Page 80. " Are you sure you don't mind being a mouse for the rest of your life? "

Roald Dahl
Public DomainRoald Dahl - Credit: Carl van Vechten

Unless you lived out your entire childhood on the Moon or somewhere similarly remote, you'll probably already know about Roald Dahl. The Witches is just one of many children's stories written in his lifetime, and is the tale of a boy and his grandmother trying to thwart the evil plans of a group of bald, child-hating witches.

To learn more about Dahl's works, visit his official website- there's even some games on there if you're in need of distraction again.

Page 85. " A strong and bitter book-sickness floods one's soul "

"Solomon Eagle" was in fact the pen name of J.C. Squire, which he used to contribute articles (including the one that this is taken from) to New Statesman magazine in the early 20th century. Pen names, or pseudonyms, are great if you're the kind of writer who wants to cultivate an extra air of mystery or write about something controversial, or if you simply have a real name that's too embarrassing to be published.

If, after finishing an article or book, your imagination is too worn out to think up your own pseudonym, you can find an easy generator right here.

Page 92. " Capricorn. Doesn't that mean goat or something? "

Public DomainCapricorn - Credit: Johannes Hevelius
Capricorn is the tenth of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and is usually represented as a sea goat. People born from 22 December until 19 January fall under this sign.

Horoscopes are officially just supposed to be the star constellation which is directly overhead when you're born, but if you're one of the people who also thinks they have something to do with predicting your future, there's a good teen-specific daily horoscope here.

Page 94. " invisible messages written in lemon juice "

Most books don't have secret messages hidden in them, but you can change that by writing your own!

... yes, obviously it's not nearly as good, but never mind. There are quite a few good recipes for invisible ink on this website, and you can always write them in a friend's book for them to find?

Page 97. " (Grown-ups skip this paragraph.) "

The Princess Bride is a book very similar to Inkheart in that it contains a device called metafiction. For all of you who aren't yet Literature students, this very simply means that it's a book about a book. In the case of the Princess Bride, it's about a man abridging a story that his father had told him when he was ill in bed, and therefore just giving us the "good bits" of the tale. Other famous examples of metafiction are the Neverending Story, Atonement and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Of course, many people know the Princess Bride because of its classic film adaptation rather than the book itself. For those people, here's a reminder of the cheesy but fabulous love song that went with that movie (you'll need Spotify to listen to it).