"Seven Years War"
by cm

The Death of General Wolfe, Seven Years War
Public DomainThe Death of General Wolfe, Seven Years War
Britain and France had been fighting in North America for two years before the official start of the Seven Years War in 1756, marked by the Prussian invasion of Saxony.   During the subsequent seven years, more than one million people were killed on three continents, including soldiers from a neutral Dutch force in India.   Prussia sided with Britain and Portugal against France, Sweden, Austria, Spain and Russia.   In Europe, the war was effectively a stalemate, but across the Atlantic British forces captured most of France’s colonies in North America and several of their Caribbean islands.   Britain also took French possessions in India, and Spanish possessions in Cuba, Florida and the Philippines.   This first “world war” established Great Britain as the dominant colonial master, and Prussia as an important new European power.