Page 126. " You haven't got Piggy's specs," said Jack, " so you can't. "
Magnifiying Glass
Public DomainMagnifiying Glass - Credit: Julo

A magnifying glass (or, in this case, thick glasses) can be used to create a fire. This is done by positioning the glass so that the sun's rays are focused by the lens on a small point on a pile of dry kindling.


Page 150. " Maurice and Robert skewered the carcass. "
Dead Pig
GNU Free Documentation LicenseDead Pig - Credit: Anatoliy

When you skewer the carcass of an animal like a pig, you run the split through it and out its mouth. The pig needs to be supported for its full length, or else it may fall apart when it gets tender. If you want to spread the pig flat, you will have to split the backbone of the rib cage from the body cavity side.

Page 150. " the loudest noise was the buzzing of flies over the spilled guts "
Beelzebub as a Fly
Public DomainBeelzebub as a Fly - Credit: Collin de Plancy

When summoned by witches or sorcerers the devil, or Beelzebub, was said to appear in the form of a fly, and thus was known as "The Lord of the Flies."

He may also have got this name as flies were once believed to be generated in the flesh of corpses.