Page 212. " the age-long nightmares of falling and death "

 Dreams about falling usually occur as one is dropping off to sleep. They may be triggered by a drop in blood pressure, a movement of the fluid in the middle ear, or a limb dangling off the side of the bed.

Some psychologists believe these dreams are inherited memories from the time of our tree-dwelling ancestors.

As a symbol, falling represents a loss of emotional self-control.

Page 224. " Like the Coral Island "

 The Coral Island is a novel by R.M. Ballantyne.

Ralph, Jack, and Peterkin are boys stranded on a desert island who must fight pirates and cannibals to survive. 

Lord of the Flies alludes to this premise, but Golding found Ballantyne's treatment naive and improbable. He intended Lord of the Flies to be an indirect critique of The Coral Island. Golding keeps the names of two of Ballantyne's characters, Ralph and Jack, to reinforce the contrast.