Page 58. " He came to a place where more sunshine fell "
The Garden of Eden
Public DomainThe Garden of Eden - Credit: Thomas Cole

The forest glade may symbolize The Garden of Eden, which was once a paradise but which, as a result of man's tendency to evil, lost its innocence and beauty. Later in the novel, the glade too is spoilt by the actions of the children.

Page 66. " For hunting. Like in the war. You know-dazzle paint. Like things trying to look like something else. "
Dazzle Paint
Public DomainDazzle Paint - Credit: Merseyside Maritime Museum

Dazzle camouflage, known as Razzle Dazzle or Dazzle painting, was used on ships during World War I and World War II. Originally created by artist Norman Wilkonson, it consisted of a complex pattern of geometric shapes in contrasting colours. Dazzle did not conceal the ship, but it made it harder for the enemy to estimate its type, size, speed, and heading.


Face and body painting has been used around the world for hunting, religious, and military reasons. For example, Native Americans often entered battle naked except for a loin cloth, but with their bodies painted. Face painting was once common in tribes on all continents.

Face  Painting
Public DomainFace Painting - Credit: jp158003

Page 66. " the mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid "
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMasks - Credit:

Jack paints his face, which becomes like a mask.

People wear masks for many reasons. One reason may be to pretend to be someone or something else. The mask may also hide the wearer's real emotions, or it may allow him to do what he would never feel able to do.