Page 154. " But never having belonged to Balaam, darling Dolly was quite unsuccessful, though often she strove to tell me, with her ears down, and both eyes rolling "

Balaam is a diviner in the Torah.  He is summoned by Balak, King of Moab, to curse Israel. Balaam sends back word that he can only do what God commands, and God has told him not to go.  Moab offers Balaam further inducements, such that Balaam begs God to let him go.  God finally consents, but on the condition that Balaam will say only what God commands.

Balaam dashes off, but God is angry with him and sends the Angel of Jehovah to intercept him.  The Angel remains invisible to Balaam, but can be seen by the donkey that Balaam is riding. The donkey refuses to walk into the invisible Angel. Balaam beats the donkey for refusing to move, but the Angel gives the donkey the power to speak to Balaam, and it complains about its mistreatment.  The Angel then becomes visible to Balaam, and tells him that the donkey is the only reason Balaam has not been killed.

In Lorna Doone, Dolly is Annie's mute pony. Annie is desperate to know where Uncle Rueben is riding her every day.