"The play had been Lover's Vows, and Mr. Yates was to have been Count Cassel"
Title page of Lovers' Vows
Public DomainTitle page of Lovers' Vows - Credit: Elizabeth Inchbald

  Lovers' Vows (1798) was an English adaptation by Elizabeth Inchbald of the 1780 German play Das Kind der Liebe (literally, Child of Love) by August Von Kotzebue.

It was a great success when performed in London in 1798, and it was subsequently staged in various other towns and cities, including Bristol, Newcastle and Bath. Although popular, the play caused controversy as it dealt with issues of pre-marital sex and illegitimacy.

The character Count Cassel is a dandy who is rejected as a suitor by the character Amelia, who is in love with Anhalt, a poor clergyman.