"Neither Hamlet, nor Macbeth, nor Othello, nor Douglas, nor the Gamester, presented anything that could satisfy even the tragedians"
'David Garrick and Mrs Pritchard in 'Macbeth''(1768)
Public Domain'David Garrick and Mrs Pritchard in 'Macbeth''(1768) - Credit: Johann Zoffany

 Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello are all tragedies by William Shakespeare.

Douglas is a tragedy by John Home (see bookmark p.118).

The Gamester is a play by James Shirley which deals with the issue of gambling. It was first performed in 1633, and first published in 1637. It is also the title of a play by Edward Moore (1712-1757) which also deals with gambling, and it is likely that it is Moore's play, rather than Shirley's, which is referred to here.