"But there is nobleness in the name of Edmund. It is a name of heroism and renown - of kings, princes and knights;"
Edmund II of England (early 13th century)
Public DomainEdmund II of England (early 13th century) - Credit: Anon.

 St. Edmund the Martyr (died 869 or 870) was a king of East Anglia whose reign is said to have begun in 855.

Edmund I (921-946) was King of England between 939 and 946.

Edmund II (c. 988/993-1016), also known as Edmund Ironside, was King of England for a brief period during 1016.

Edmund of Langley (1341-1402)  and Edmund Tudor (1499-1500) were English princes.

Sir Edmund Sutton (1425-c.1485) was a knight of Dudley Castle and Gatescombe.