"The proposal was a very pleasant one to William himself, who enjoyed the idea of travelling post with four horses"

The post, or post-chaise, was a fast closed carriage of the 18th and early 19th century. It had four wheels, was pulled by two or four horses, and accommodated two to four people. The driver(s) rode postilion on the near (left hand) horse(s). The post-chaise was designed for speed; for this reason, horses and postilions were often replaced several times during a journey at inns known as posthouses. Travelling by post-chaise was a particularly expensive way of travelling and was usually only for the well-to-do. Hired post-chaises were often painted yellow and were sometimes referred to as 'yellow bounders'.

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Postilion rider (original: 1793; re-printed 1900)
Public DomainPostilion rider (original: 1793; re-printed 1900) - Credit: Rowlandson