Matilda's life is certainly a unique one. With parents who care very little about her, let alone allow themselves to notice her, she has learned to take care of herself at a very early age. Left all alone, Matilda teaches herself to read and acquires a vast knowledge of great literature by the age of four.

When Matilda is sent to school, she is surrounded by children her own age and even has a loving teacher. For the first time, Matilda is actually cared for by an adult and she quickly grows to love her teacher, Miss Honey. But there is darkness at her school in the form of the headmistress: Miss Trunchbull is known for her erratic behaviour towards the students. After Matilda discovers a terrible secret tying Miss Trunchbull to a possible murder, she decides to give Miss Trunchbull a taste of her own medicine.

Of course, a normal child cannot simply go up against one of the toughest, cruelest, meanest people of all time. It would have to be someone with supernatural powers, and Matilda might just fit that mold.