Page 22. " When the two rivers, Tigris and Euphrates, meet they form one river called the Shatt al-Arab "

Shatt al-Arab literally means Coast of the Arabs

The river is 200 kilometres long, extending from the confluence of the Euphrates and the Tigris in the town of al-Qurnah to the Persian Gulf.

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Page 23. " Our teacher was an imam "

Sheik Fehmi Naji
Public DomainSheik Fehmi Naji
An Imam is an Islamic leader, often the head of a mosque and the community. Similar to a spiritual leader, the imam leads the prayers during Islamic gatherings. Typically, the community turns to the imam if they have a question of faith. In smaller communities, an imam could be the community leader. It is important to note that the position of the Imam is not clerical in Sunni-Islam.