"the philosophy of Freud--is in direct contradiction to the other great psychologist, Jung"

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Jung (1875-1961) were two pioneers in the field of psychoanalysis. Although colleagues and friends, their theories diverged from one another. "Both men drew on the concept of the unconscious as a way of explaining dreams, but Jung drew more on a multi-layered concept of the subconscious. . . .

"A main schism which separates the two psychiatrists pertains to religion. Freud felt religion was an escape and a fallacy, which ought not to be propagated. His relationship to religion resembles that of Karl Marx. Religion was 'opiate' of the masses. His faith was fully in the mind's ability to access its unconscious thoughts, thus curing any neuroses.

"Jung conversely believed that religion was an important place of safety for the individual as he or she began the process of individuation, exploring and accepting all parts of the self. Religion further was a means of communication between all types of people, because although religions differed, the archetypes and symbols remained the same" (wisegeek.com).