"‘Aadam Aziz hit his nose against a frost- hardened tussock of Earth’"
Men praying in Doha, Qatar
Creative Commons AttributionMen praying in Doha, Qatar

In Islamic prayer rituals, a worshipper should follow a series of prescribed movements and words known as the raka’ah. After carried out ritual cleansing (Wudu), the worshipper must turn to face Mecca and, putting the world behind them, open their mind to God.  The Raka’ah involves bowing low (ruku) with hands on knees, as if waiting for God's orders,  then prostrating oneself on the ground (sujud), with forehead and nose on the floor and elbows raised, in a position of submission to God. Finally you sit (julus) with the feet folded under the body. The prayers end as the worshippers turn to others on the left and right saying, ‘Peace be upon you, and God's blessing’. This action reminds Muslims of the importance of others around them, both in the mosque and in the rest of the world.

Details of Islamic Prayer Rituals - http://muslim-canada.org/salaat.html